Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Our autoflowering seeds deserved a really special place within our catalogue. These plants are unique in that they don’t rely on the sun to produce buds, meaning they flower automatically after 3 or 4 weeks from germination, regardless of the photoperiod (light/dark periods). Their fast growth offers nothing but advantages and even novice growers can get great results with them. Strong and sturdy, they barely require any attention to thrive almost in all kinds of environments, even in the most extreme ones, in no time. Learn more »
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Autoflowering plants don't usually grow much but they are incredibly homogeneous, which is why they are so suited to indoor growing. They do just as fine outdoors for external light sources do not have any effect on them. Besides, their short life cycle makes them far more resistant to outside agents capable of triggering the appearance of diseases or other fatal problems.

While it's true that their yielding capacity is below that of regular and feminised genetics, it's still fairly significant. But not just that. They also make a great choice for those lacking space indoors or who wish to grow outdoors in unfavourable weather conditions. Another reason why today many cannabis growers opt for these seeds is their ability to produce several crops within a year.