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Presenting the New LaMota Seeds Bank

The outdoor growing season will soon be here, so there could be no better time to share some news about which we are especially excited: we are launching our own brand of cannabis seeds! As of today this[...]

Content marketing for your grow shop made easy

As a grow shop, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity provided by the Internet to reach a global audience, and here content and social media are paramount. The formula is simple: give users content[...]

Smart cabinets automate the cultivation of marijuana

Smart cabinets are a great option for growing marijuana indoors, especially for those who spend a lot of time away from home or cannot give the activity all the necessary attention. They provide a range[...]

What Was the First Grow Shop Opened in Europe?

Wernard Bruining, "The Potfather", is a true cannabis legend. He founded the first "coffee shop" in Amsterdam (1973), and the first "grow shop" opened on the European continent (1985). Those years when[...]

Tools to Bolster Your Online Store in a Simple Way

To achieve a greater impact with your store, in a way that allows you to reach new customers and to grow, offer better products, boost your profits. . . you must be aware of the latest tools, to incorporate[...]

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