What are the advantages of buying wholesale grinders?

Here you’ll learn all about these extraordinary devices, so necessary to enjoy marijuana, and get ready to help your customers in their decision-making process.

If you own a store specialised in the sale of cannabis smoking accessories, you'll most likely have to answer grinder-related questions on a regular basis. Weed grinders or crushers are available in almost any grow shop or head shop, whether it's on-site or online. They can be as simple as a grinding card (like a cheese grater for cannabis) or a more complex multi-chamber device.

In any case, grinders make excellent marketing tools for handing out to prospective or loyal customers as the market is ripe with cheap wholesale models of as little as €0.65/unit that can be used as promotional material in an effort to boost their fidelity.

What is a weed grinder?

A grinder is one of the favourite tools of cannabis consumers, although some still prefer breaking their cannabis nugs up by hand, or using less-specialised tools like knives or scissors. These, however, quickly become sticky and don't provide the finest consistency.

That's why a good-quality herb grinder is well worth the investment for both seasoned users and newbies having problems handling a dried plant.

Why do I need a grinder?

A grinder is a tool used for grinding your dried cannabis into a fine consistency, maximising airflow and trichomes' exposure to heat during combustion and vaporisation.

How to use a grinder machine

Traditional rounded grinders have so far been the absolute top-sellers. They consist of several chambers to separate untreated weed from freshly ground cannabis and sometimes even from the potent crystal kief gather below the screen.

All you have to do is place your dry marijuana in between the teeth of the top chamber, cover it with the lid and rotate until your weed is ground to the perfect consistency. There are several types of grinders: 2-part or 4-part grinders, made of stone, of wood, electric… In the catalogue of LaMota Distribución you'll find many to choose from.

How to pick the best marijuana grinders for your customers

Before suggesting any particular grinder to your customers, you may want to learn about their preferences. There's a big difference between an advanced consumer with years of experience grinding weed and a complete beginner who's just started rolling joints. Most grinders could, however, be classified into two main categories. So this might be the first question to ask when learning about your customer's tastes.

Aluminium, metal or plastic grinders

Like with anything else, the key to the resistance and ease of use of a herb grinder lies in the material it's made of. Those who love grinding on-the-go, for example, love acrylic grinders and small nugs. That's why plastic grinders are great for streetwise fast-fingered users as they're lightweight and easy-to-use.

In contrast, metal grinders are true bud-feeding machines. Their diamond-shaped teeth can break down almost any kind of weed with just a few wrist movements. The best choice to crush large amounts of pot, despite their heavier and bulkier structure.

With or w/o a kief catcher

Grinders can also be distinguished by how many parts they're made from. While some opt for simple 2-piece grinders, others prefer 4-piece grinders equipped with a kief catcher. This extra compartment is designed to catch the falling resin that manages to pass through the tiny holes of a fine sieve. The kief or pollen can be used as a powerful extract. You can either collect enough hash for a joint, set aside a larger amount for cooking edibles or go one step further and make a hash coin with a pollen press.

Wholesale grinders at amazing prices

Anyone who's used a grinder tool quite frequently knows how quickly it gets sticky owing to the resin that builds up all over it. When this happens, the lid can get stuck and it can be a real challenge to rotate the teeth back and forth.

To prevent this from happening, it's very important to keep it clean. However, sometimes there's no better choice than throw it away and get a new one, especially if it's a cheap one. At LaMota Distribución, you'll find a wide choice of wholesale affordable grinders to meet the needs of users who don't like devoting much time to the cleaning of this extraordinary tool.

Quality grinders

If your grinder is made of quality materials, say aluminium, metal, or wood, then the solution is to soak it in isopropyl alcohol and salt and scrub all sticky parts thoroughly. This is the way pipes and bongs are usually cleaned yet it works equally fine for removing sticky resin from your grinder.

Use a stiff-bristled brush or a clean teeth brush to scrub your grinder. Freezing the grinder has also proved to be very effective to prevent the accumulation of pollen. So our tip is to consider freezing it before starting the cleanup. This will do the trick!

Grinders at the best price

We work with the most important grinder manufacturers in the sector always offering the best quality in our products thanks to fantastic brands such as Super Grinder Original. We only distribute to grow shops, and our wholesale prices are, needless to say, the very best ones. So… Don't think twice and get your wholesale grinders now!

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