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As a grow shop owner, you need to provide your customers with the most exclusive genetics available in the market. 

Most expert growers have been cultivating for years, and know very well that their high standards can only be maintained with the help of a leading global online cannabis seed supplier like us.

Wholesale seeds sorted by brand and type

Here you will find the best cannabis seeds for your grow shop sorted by brand name and grouped under five categories:

By browsing these categories, you will get an instant view of what your customers need as growers. Purchase quickly, safely and comfortably and tempt them with exciting products! 

What you need to know before you buy wholesale cannabis seeds

We source our online wholesale cannabis seeds from all over the world with a well-defined purpose in mind: helping you increase your client base.

Ever since we started out as cannabis seed wholesalers, we have worked to the highest quality standards, gaining a reputation for excellence that has made us the preferred online cannabis seed supplier for grow shop owners.

Your online cannabis wholesaler

We pride ourselves on offering an exclusive, state-of-the-art range of seeds that enables us to stand out from other cannabis seed suppliers whilst providing the best value for money. From feminised and regular, through autoflowering and Fast to rich in CBD, we have the seeds your customers need for the perfect purchase. 

Finding a reliable online platform that sells cannabis seeds for grow shops is key to building customer loyalty. If your customers find what they need at your grow shop, they will come back for more!

Online cannabis seeds for grow shops: it's all in the predominance

Wholesale marijuana seeds are increasingly in demand – and that's a fact! While we are not the only cannabis seed supplier available on the market, we can provide you with the widest range of seeds for your grow shop so that your customers always find what they need and come back to you for further purchases. 

We are not exaggerating when we say we are in the best position to help you attract and retain customers for life. Our selection of online wholesale cannabis seeds have aromas, flavours and effects designed to cater for both existing and future clients.

Looking for Indica-dominant seeds? Look no more! We have a wide selection of narcotic, physically relaxing varieties that whet the appetite, soothe pain and promote sleep.

Undecided about which is the best platform to buy Sativa-dominant wholesale seeds? You've found the right online cannabis seed supplier to provide you with the sativa-dominant varieties your customers need for their grow shop: cerebral, uplifting and invigorating for a potent euphoric experience.

The best cannabis seed supplier for an amazing sensory experience

Our selection of seeds produce buds that stand out for their extraordinary organoleptic profiles. We take the sale of seeds for grow shops very seriously, as we know that the products we offer are at the core of your grow shop's profitability.

Finally, you've found the wholesale seed shop that will help you wow your customers with a range of seeds that deliver amazing sensory experiences

From fruity, citric and bittersweet, to woody and cheesy, our variety of flavours and aromas is sure to offer something to everyone. The best selection of online cannabis seeds for grow shops is now at your disposal!