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LaMota Distribución is the place to buy strains from the very best seed banks on the cannabis market. Over 80 reputable seed banks of various origins with the finest selections of hybrids where cannabis growers and collectors will find not only their personal favourites but some interesting new seeds too. Learn more »
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LaMota Distribución puts at the disposal of grow shops and distributors an extensive collection of feminised, regular, autoflowering, and CBD-rich genetics with which their customers will obtain top-quality plants showcasing widely differing and surprising effects, scents, and tastes. A wide range of possibilities to choose from and a lot to experiment with.

In order to facilitate the search and selection process, we've arranged them by brand and by type of seed, and the latter also into 4 large groups:

  • Feminised seeds that only produce female plants.
  • Autoflowering seeds that flower automatically regardless of the light cycle.
  • Regular seeds that can produce either female or male plants.
  • CBD-rich seeds with very interesting therapeutic properties and low levels of THC.

The strains available here come from every corner of the globe and have been subject to strict quality control testing. A sea of effects, tastes, and scents to cater for all tastes!

Indica-dominant seeds deliver a strong physical effect great for pain relief and appetite stimulation, as well as for fighting nausea and insomnia. Sativa-dominant seeds, instead, produce a cerebrally stimulating high full of psychedelia and euphoria that feeds focus and creativity. However, both of them yield equally incredible nuggets with deliciously fruity, zesty, sour, woody, cheesy or fuelly scents capable of awakening amazing sensations in those who give them a try. A whole new world to discover!