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CBD-rich cannabis seeds have brought about a true revolution. Their therapeutic properties never fail to surprise scientists and users seeking a natural product to treat numerous diseases such as muscle pain, anorexia, insomnia or depression, as well as to relieve the negative side effects of some aggressive treatments. Those who make a recreational use of it are also thrilled with its moderate effect, resulting from CBD’s ability to inhibit THC-elicited symptoms, that allows them to enjoy cannabis calmly. Learn more »
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Over the last years, many seed banks have decided to include CBD (cannabidiol) versions of the most legendary genetics in their collections, and so have we. And we know the results are exceeding any imaginable expectations. This new generation of seeds, developed by experts in the field, has represented a turning point for cannabis consumption all over the world. The tastes and aromas found in these varieties have been lovingly designed to make the experience far more pleasant for therapeutic users.

Experts predict a great future for this kind of seeds and many seed banks have already embarked on ambitious projects that will surely bring in an array of amazing surprises in the years to come.