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Fast marijuana seeds, also known as Quick genetics, are photo-dependent strains with a very short flowering period. These plants are very fast and will be ready for harvest after only a 6-7 week flowering phase. When grown outdoors, they can be cut between 1 to 2 weeks earlier than their normal version. Fast marijuana seeds are F1 hybrids with an autoflowering gene; hence their speed in switching from the vegetative to the flowering phase. Learn more »
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Thanks to their high-speed flowering properties, Fast plants can be grown in northern regions, with cold, humid climates. And, by bringing the harvest date forward, they're less likely to be affected by pests, fungi and autumn rains that can ruin the harvest at the last minute.

Fast strains are a gold mine for impatient growers: like photo-dependent varieties, Fast plants are tall and deliver excellent yields in record time.

Nobody likes to be left behind; that's why we've created a Fast Seeds section at LaMota Distribución, where we're including the best Fast strains from the seed banks on our website.