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At LaMota Distribución, we put at the disposal of grow shops and distributors a very interesting collection of feminised seeds from the most prestigious seed banks on the market today. Learn more »
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Each and every one of the feminised seeds in our catalogue keeps the original traits of their regular predecessors intact and produces 99% female plants, which is a great advantage in terms of time, space and money savings. Growing this kind of seeds facilitates the work of cannabis growers greatly, making it unnecessary to be a skilled grower to obtain excellent results.

When in the late '90s feminised seeds started to be marketed, the landscape of the cannabis sector was turned upside down, and those with a growing interest in it, saw a whole new world of possibilities open up right before their eyes. Cultivating feminised seeds is way easier than growing regular genetics for the arduous task of having to identify, select, and remove the males is no longer necessary.

No doubt, a great choice for small or large-scale cannabis growers alike.