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LaMota Distribución is an online store for growshops and distributors who want the very best cannabis seeds and growing products for their customers. And marijuana grow tents are undoubtedly one of the crown jewels of our indoor growing section. Whichever one you finally pick, optimal results are always guaranteed for there’s no better place for your plants than a grow tent. Learn more »
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The best environment for your indoor plants

Cannabis grow tents offer growers a clean, aseptic, and easy-to-access place for indoor gardening where the temperature, humidity, airflow and light parameters can be easily adjusted according to the needs of your cannabis plants.

Some of the most exclusive and innovative grow tents available on the market can be purchased from our online store:

  • Secret Jardin
    • Dark Room
      Robust yet lightweight grow tents made with cutting-edge materials. A wide variety of models and sizes are available.
    • Dark Street
      Affordable grow boxes to cater for all tastes and needs.
    • Intense
      Professional top-notch grow tents.
    • Lodge
      Multipurpose grow boxes with two growing environments, all in one.
  • Hortigarden
    Offering unbeatable value for money, these grow tents are made with quality materials and have been tested by expert growers.

All kinds of accessories to make the most of your growing area.