At LaMota Distribución, we are official distributors of Substrates for growing marijuana plants. In this section, wholesalers and resellers will find an extensive catalogue of substrates for marijuana arranged in 7 different groups: soil substrates, rockwool, coco substrates, arlite, perlite, vermiculite, and earthworm humus. Learn more »
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Choosing the right substrate is crucial to the success of your crop since it's mainly through the rooting system that cannabis plants obtain food, water, and nutrients. That's why we shouldn't underestimate the importance of a quality substrate that allows for excellent drainage and oxygen availability.

What type of substrate best suits you?

When picking the substrate, it's important to consider these:

  • The growing area: indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse.
  • The space available.

On our website, cannabis growers will find exactly what they're looking for. It is, in fact, one of the top priorities of the team behind LaMota Distribución to offer the most innovative substrates for cannabis plants:

  • Traditional mineralised potting soil, in bags of 20 and 50 L, containing all the necessary nutrients for the first weeks of development.
  • Organic coco coir, which is perfect for hydroponics.
  • Rockwool, a really popular substrate that boosts root growth, widely used for starting seeds or for cloning.
  • Arlite, used both on its own and mixed with other media, such as coco coir or soil, it improves drainage in a really effective way.
  • Earthworm humus, a powerful natural substrate that helps enrich the soil.