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LaMota Distribución offers people all over the world an exclusive selection of the best growing products now available on the market. We have everything cannabis growers may need: a broad range of quality products that will assist growers in every stage of their grow, starting from the germination up ‘till the very end, that is to say, to the harvest. Learn more »
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A carefully selected range of the best products available on the market for growing cannabis indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Products to aid germination, fertilisers, all kinds of substrates, pots, plague and disease control products, pH and EC meters, and a wide variety of growing accessories. All you need for a successful crop!

If you seek advice on growing products, come to us

As a company specialised in marijuana growing products, we have a deep understanding and expertise in dealing with all cannabis growing-related issues. Our catalogue comprises all the key products for a successful cannabis crop, the ones that make the growing process easy and smooth, the ones that guarantee a quality end product, provided the right steps are taken and the right decisions are made, of course. It is one of our utmost priorities to help suppliers acquire the necessary knowledge to clear up any doubts their customers might have.

Our experience is your success

All you have to do to become our supplier is sign up on our website and await instructions. As soon as you're part of our team, you will be able to start providing your customers with all they may need. Place an order on our website and we'll take care of the rest! After many years working in the cannabis field, we can safely say that growshop suppliers willing to work with us have nothing to worry about. With us, their success is guaranteed. We have absolutely no doubt that all the growing products included in our catalogue are exactly what the end customer is looking for.

We have arranged our site in 4 large groups so users can easily find the products they need:

  • Growing
  • Indoor growing
  • Grow Room Control
  • Harvest

We ship orders worldwide in a really quick, safe, and discreet manner. Authorised suppliers and wholesalers have 24-hour access to an exclusive customer area where they'll be able to place their orders and obtain information on products, offers and invoices… whenever they feel like it.