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Here you’ll find a full range of tools and accessories to take care of your cannabis grow before, during and after the harvest. Once you’re done with the harvesting, it’ll be time to get your buds ready. For doing so in the best possible way, we put at your disposal a wide variety of trimmers as well as countless useful and innovative gadgets for drying, curing and storing your weed and extracts in a number of different ways.
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Bud-trimmers of all kinds, from the most basic to the most sophisticated ones now available on the market. This kind of machines facilitate the harvest process greatly and they do so with high accuracy. We’ve prepared an exclusive collection of trimmers to suit the needs of small-scale and large-scale cannabis growers alike.

All you need to dry your fresh cannabis harvest. Very specific designs and materials for the drying and curing stages that help boost the amazing traits of your buds, including the effect, the flavour and the aroma.

Portable magnifiers and microscopes to closely monitor the changes in your buds. A key tool to detect the presence of plagues and diseases that are not visible to the human eye that will also help you tell, by the colour of the trichomes, if your cannabis flowers have reached maturity and are ready to harvest.