LaMota Distribución strives to offer its customers a wide choice of lighting systems for growing marijuana indoors. Cannabis plants thrive, flower and produce bountiful crops in very specific conditions. You need no worry, though, because they can be created with the products we have in our catalogue. Learn more »
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Indoor lighting

Our section of lighting products is arranged in such a way that wholesalers and growshops can easily find what they need and quickly provide their customers with the best products for growing cannabis seeds at any time during the year.

We have been selling lighting products for years and our experience has taught us how important lighting is when growing cannabis both indoors and outdoors. Don't underestimate the importance of a good-quality lighting system for it could be decisive to the correct performance of your cannabis plants.

Lots of light to brighten up your cannabis plants

Visit the lighting section of our website and enjoy its extensive collection of professional lighting systems by the very best brands on the market. It is our priority to help growers of all levels to set up their own grow in a quick and easy manner.

When growing indoors or in grow tents, light is obtained through lamps or bulbs, and so we offer those who don't feel like cultivating outdoors a wide range of lamps to choose from. Agrolite, Philips, Sylvania, Osram or Lumatek are just some of the world-renowned brands that could be found in it.

The latest and most innovative products for marijuana growing are LEC lamps, which provide more light than traditional bulbs at a lower cost.

We also have a whole section dedicated to lighting kits. There, growers will find comprehensive lighting kits for growing at home, which include a reflector, a ballast, a bulb, and all the necessary cables. All our products comply with the security protocols established by law.