Odour Control

Cannabis plants are unique in that they are incredibly smelly, especially during their flowering phase, which is when their scent becomes more intense. Not to mention if you’re growing indoors. That’s why we’ve prepared an amazing selection of products to effectively root out or remove unwanted smells in indoor crops so as to avoid being noticed by unwelcome noses. Learn more »
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Our website puts at everyone's disposal a vast catalogue of activated carbon filters for indoors because activated carbon is one of the best substances to fully eliminate unwanted scents due to its particle-retaining capacity and long lifespan.

Have a look at all the products in our catalogue as well as to three of the top brands of activated carbon filter brands available in it, all of which will meet the needs of any indoor grower.

For these systems to run properly need to be connected to exhaust fans, which can be also found here.

There is also another product for effectively controlling unwanted smells indoors: odour neutralisers. ONA odour neutralisers, for example, which come in different formats and with a wide variety of scents, are highly innovative and powerful, perfect for large-scale and small-scale growers alike. Besides, they're very small and require no installation.

Worth a special mention is also our collection of air fresheners. Highly concentrated and potent, they are suitable for commercial users growing in huge areas who need to have their grow rooms filled with delicious scents almost instantly.