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LaMota Distribución presents its outstanding section of Pots & Saucers where you’ll find an extensive collection of quality products for cultivating cannabis plants and help them thrive. Learn more »
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Tell us what you've got in mind and we'll tell you which pots to use

Before making any final decisions, here's what you should take into account:

  • The size, material, and shape of the pot will depend on the strain picked and the space available. If it's a vigorous plant, you'd better opt for a pot of at least 11 litres from the very beginning to avoid any future transplants that could cause her stress.
  • Whether you decide to grow indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse is key as well.

Our website offers a full array of resistant pots and saucers of the highest quality, all made from the finest plastic materials with an opaque coating that protects cannabis plants from the sun outdoors or from the intense light of grow lamps indoors. If growers so require, we also have saucers of different shapes and sizes. An innovative choice many growers have already grown addicted to are the breathable, lightweight and flexible fabric pots that improve root growth and so produce stronger and healthier plants.