LaMota Distribución offers a wide range of products for plant propagation, from rooting trays and sponges to hormones and nutrients. Germinating cannabis seeds will no longer be a problem for you because each and every one of the products in this section will help in achieving success. Besides, our permanent stock allows us to guarantee optimum delivery times. Learn more »
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Cannabis growers looking for a reliable place where to start their seeds and root their cuttings should definitely keep a close eye on our catalogue for they'll find exactly what they need in it:

  • Seedbeds: the best method for beginners who are taking their first steps into the cannabis world. Germinating in seedbeds is a great option because it can be made indoors, at any time, and helps to keep the area clean and tidy.
  • Rooting trays: they can be filled with rockwool or peat and are perfect for germinating or cloning without making a mess. Available in several sizes.
  • Small greenhouses: made from transparent plastic, they provide the perfect temperature, warmth, and protection for a successful germination and subsequent development of plants.
  • Plugs/Sponges/Peat pellets: ideal for germinating seeds. With this method, growers are more likely to succeed than with any other method.
  • Rooting hormones: they help successfully start your seeds and root your cuttings.

Important notice: plugs, sponges or peat pellets are conceived for germinating and cloning only. They cannot be used as final pots. In fact, once rooted, seedlings will have to be transferred to bigger pots so that they can continue growing strong and healthy.