Regular Cannabis Seeds

Our catalogue wouldn’t be complete without a top-quality section of regular cannabis seeds, born from a 100% natural process of pollination. This kind of seeds can produce either male or female plants. In fact, it isn’t until the blooming phase that their gender can be identified, after which the grower will have to discard any males to prevent them from pollinating the female plants around them and make them unable to produce the so-coveted cannabis buds. Learn more »
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In our catalogue of regular seeds, you'll find varieties from all over the world to suit every taste. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, with various effects, tastes, and aromas… All you have to do is read the specifics of each of them on our website and choose the one that best meets your needs. They're all quality seeds that grow strong and healthy, yielding top-class end products.

We won't deceive you. These seeds are not particularly easy to grow, and they do require a certain amount of experience, but they're certainly worth growing. The result is simply extraordinary; exceptional in terms of quantity and quality. Those who are lucky enough to find a fine specimen, use it as a mother plant to create new strains and for cloning.