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Any self-respecting collection of resin extraction products should offer a wide selection of tools for making resin, pollen and hash extractions without waste. And this is no exception. Learn more »
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Our catalogue devotes an entire section to the extraction-making process, so growers learn how to make the most out of their marijuana grows. Here they'll find everything they need to make professional cannabis resin extractions at home. Regardless of the method chosen, they will obtain 100% pure and natural additive-free resin concentrates.

High-end resin extractions at your fingertips!

  • Hash Shaker is a manual dry resin extractor.
  • Mini Washing Machine is a really small washing machine used for cold resin extractions.
  • PolenMaker is a manual resin extractor that separates bud trichomes almost effortlessly.
  • Pollinator is a dry sifting machine equipped with a drum. Available in different sizes.
  • Easy-to-use sieve-based systems for water and ice extraction.
  • Work tables that collect falling trichomes.
  • Presses of various sizes.

No matter which system you finally pick because they all make great options for those who don't want a single bud to go to waste and really wish to enjoy top-quality resin extracts with surprising tastes and scents.