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At LaMota Distribución, we have an extensive collection of marijuana smoking accessories that cannabis users will simply adore. From lighters and rolling papers to sophisticated vaporisers and bongs. Learn more »
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Modern and premium-quality rolling machines to roll perfect cigarettes and joints easily, quickly, and without any loss.

Smoking kits with everything you need for a great smoke (rolling papers, filter tips, grinder, lighter…)

Delicious vaping liquid flavours to enjoy in vape pens or vaporisers (no combustion). It is a psychoactivity-free terpene-based natural product featuring the very same taste as the original strains. Without any cannabis-derived cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN...) or nicotine.

All incredibly useful items that those who haven't used them before grow to love them as soon as they have the chance to try them.

So you can find the accessories you're looking for way more easily, we've sorted them by brand name and by category.

A wide range of rolling papers in a variety of thicknesses and sizes; filter tips in cotton and activated carbon; wooden or glass mouthpieces; hand, electric and pollinator-fitted weed grinders of various sizes and materials; metal or glass pipes for a more pleasant smoking experience; different models of lighters (Clipper, Zippo, Solar); rolling machines and kits. Just about everything that's new in the cannabis market.

Lots of products to make the lives of smokers easier and happier!