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LaMota Distribución is an authorised dealer of marijuana growing products whose catalogue features a specific section devoted to boxes and hermetic pots for curing, storing or transporting cannabis. Learn more »
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  • Airtight jars for marijuana.
  • PVC pots that are perfectly sealed, in different sizes.
  • Wooden boxes equipped with a hygrometer and a drawer for storing trichomes.
  • Transparent and opaque bags.

Once dry, buds are ready to embark on the curing phase, which is when flavours and aroma are definitely fixed. It is paramount that all the jars, boxes or pots used in this phase are made from toxic-free materials and contain no products that could somehow affect our cannabis buds' properties. That's why choosing the right type of container is so important. Refrain from thinking weed will be in perfect condition in any box or pot we have at home. Each and every one of the airtight jars or boxes in our online store complies with those requirements and so marijuana buds are perfectly preserved in them. Hermetic boxes for weed make perfect hash storage containers, keeping all their properties intact. During the curing phase, open the jars at least once a day for a minute or two and close it afterwards.