Our catalogue couldn’t do without an ample collection of vaporisers conceived for marijuana users looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes. These innovative and handy devices make it possible for people to consume marijuana or hash without having to smoke tobacco and without any harm. Using vaporisers is way healthier because the lack of combustion drives the toxic substances generally deriving from it away and only welcomes the beneficial ones. Learn more »
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Vaporisers are definitely in vogue, and no wonder. They offer an alternative way to consume cannabis, whether it is for recreational or for therapeutic purposes. The numerous properties of medical marijuana are known to all. With vaporisers, weed is not burned, so only the much desired cannabinoids get into our organism. The rise and legalisation of medical marijuana have led to the development of many new vaporisers and electronic cigarettes with which only CBD, and not THC-derived psychoactive substances, are inhaled.

Our website devotes an entire section to vaporisers so each person can get what is best for them. Here you'll find vaporisers to cater for all tastes and needs:

  • Pocket-sized portable vaporisers and electronic cigarettes.
  • Indoor vaporisers.
  • Original accessories and spare parts.