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At LaMota Distribución, we have a wide range of extractor fans for indoors. Our collection is indeed so vast that our customers will have no problem in finding whichever type of ventilation or climate control system they may be looking for. Learn more »
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We can't but keep insisting on how important it is to own a quality climate control and ventilation system, particularly in indoor growing areas or grow tents. Airy rooms will contribute to the correct development of our plants and prevent them from falling ill.

Cannabis plants are known to be quite susceptible to moisture, pests, fungi... That's why we should take all the necessary preventive measures to avoid any unexpected surprises. For doing so, devoting some time to the selection of the best ventilation system for each type of marijuana crops is crucial. Here's what we've got for you:

  • Can Filters, Prima Klima, Koolclima Systemair, Hortigarden... are just some of our top products, all of which have been recommended by experts in the cannabis field. We also have a wide variety of fan controllers to choose from. Perfect for growers who need to adjust the airflow either manually or automatically with the help of thermostats equipped with sensors to detect the room's temperature.
  • Fans help renew the grow room's air efficiently and silently. If you complete your ventilation system with one of our quality silencers and anti-odour filters, there'll be no one to stop you!
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) is essential to the process of photosynthesis. Fill the grow room with it and boost not only your plants' growth but their yields too.

Make sure your neighbours can't notice you

Our selection of silencers for exhaust fans is really extensive as well. Simply put, they're all-sized boxes capable of effectively reducing the noise coming from the duct so nobody can realise there is a marijuana grow nearby. On our website, you will also find an odour-control section that will surely be of great help for keeping nosy people at bay.